Forming Christ-centered, Spirit-empowered, and socially responsible leaders in every nation.

What is Every Nation Seminary?

For over twenty-five years, Every Nation’s mission to establish churches and campus ministries in every nation has hinged on its ability to raise up and send out Christ-centered, Spirit-empowered, and socially responsible leaders into every nation.

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From Every Nation

Our students will not only have the opportunity to learn from a diverse faculty but also from a diverse student body. Each global MA cohort will be selected from pastors, campus missionaries, and cross-cultural missionaries from five continents.

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For Every Nation

For much of the academic year, you will remain in your local context. Coursework will apply to whatever learners encounter in local vocational ministry, whether you are a senior pastor in Berlin, a campus missionary in Cincinnati, or a cross-cultural missionary in Armenia.

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Is ENS for Me?

Though we are open to non-Every Nation applicants, Every Nation Seminary is being built for Every Nation vocational ministers (church planters, pastors, campus missionaries, and cross-cultural missionaries).

Program Overview 

Our initial program at Every Nation Seminary will be a Master of Arts in Theology and Mission.

Every program and every course will be relational, biblical, apostolic, and global.

Relational Discipleship

Grow in making biblically-formed disciples.

Biblical Preaching

Develop a transformational preaching ministry.

Apostolic Leadership

Learn to serve Christ’s church through visionary leadership.

Global Mission

Exemplify a biblical theology of mission.


Our enrollment will open in January 2021. Stay tuned for more details.

Before being admitted to Every Nation Seminary, all students must demonstrate that they have completed Leadership 215, either online, through a local church, or in a regional school of ministry.


Our faculty will be a global team of veteran Every Nation pastors and missionaries who hold doctoral degrees in biblical studies, theology, and missiology.

Academic Calendar

A Master of Arts in Theology and Mission at ENS will take three years to complete. The term and course dates below are tentative and are subject to change.

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